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Before the Storm

Before the storm there was a dream to build boats.  It’s first evolution started many years back building canoes and row boats using cedar strips and epoxy sheathing - the original single skin cored laminate.  This principle is one of the fundamental ideas behind our construction techniques.

The second evolution progressed into wooden boat restoration - primarly runabouts.  These boats are beautiful and full of style and panaché.

The evolution continued with extensive coastal cruising from Maine to Florida and throughout the Great Lakes.  Those travels provided the opportunity to observe hull shapes in all kinds of evironments and all sorts of applications. 

The conclusion was straight forward; form follows function.  To have a successful hull we needed to look at the type of boats being used on a day-to-day basis, skippered by folks who depend on their boats for their livelihood.  We felt a proven, work-boat design was the platform on which to build.

The result is an advanced composite boat whose performance and sea-kindliness are as exceptional as its stylish, unique lines.