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 Storm Hawk Boats
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Don't Take our Word for it...

Pro Fish Inc.
“The Storm Hawk 21 is a twenty-one foot boat that handles more like a twenty-four foot boat...” says George Panton, owner/operator of Pro Fish Inc. out of Satellite Beach, Florida.

“Its big bow flare ensures a dry ride.  The boat´s sharp entry slices through stormy waters and wild chop for a solid, precision ride.  When the weather is keeping other boats at home, the Storm Hawk Twenty-One is completely content, just doing its job.  Its open work deck gives freedom of movement, and its ample storage space means no clutter.  This is a solid platform for serious fishing, or family recreation, anytime, anywhere.”

Who are our customers?
Although we welcome first time boat buyers, our customer base is made up of life time boaters.  They have owned different boats ranging in size and in power – some sail some motor.  Here is a sampling of what some of the customers had to say to a small survey put out by Storm Hawk Boats. 

Storm Hawk Boats:
“What was it about a Storm Hawk that sold you?”

Herm Tschudy:
“The thing that drew me to the boat was its classic looks and functional design.  I have always felt a (fiberglass) boat should be nicely finished.  The boat also appealed to me for it’s dual purpose capabilities.  I can use it for the family on the small lake I reside at, and I can trailer it to the Great Lakes for fishing.  But, you could have the best product and if you don’t have the right people…  It was the people at Storm Hawk that sold the boat.   

Dan and Karen Fix:
“First of all it was the hull’s timeless, classic lines.  The boat will never go out of style.  Then as I learned more about the construction techniques, it brought the whole boat buying process to the next level of consideration.  The way they make their  boat, it is really yacht quality.  The final consideration was my wife.  At first she was a little hesitant, but after a test drive, she saw how easy it was to handle.” 

Storm Hawk Boats:
“What do you primarily use your Storm Hawk for?”

Bob and Inga Shaw:
“We use our Storm Hawk almost exclusively for Great Lakes salmon fishing.  We do a lot of trolling and the boat gets excellent mileage.  And when the weather is not cooperating is when the boat really comes into its own.  We can stay out when everyone else is coming in.” 

Dan and Karen Fix
“Our primary use of the boat is for pleasure.  It really affords us ease of use.  We just turn the key and go... and if the condititions aren’t perfect we can still get out on the water.”

Herm Tschudy – Avid Great Lakes fisherman and long time sportsman.  Herm has owned many boats in his life, including several wood boats.

Dan and Karen Fix – Life-long boaters.  Dan sails competitively on an inland lake in Wisconsin.  For two weeks every winter they charter a 40’ sailboat in the caribbean.

Bob Shaw - Boatwright.  Bob currently restores wooden boats full time.  An outdoorsman and a craftsman, Bob has a wealth of knowledge on boat design.  Visit the “ Water Line Report ” to read about Bob and Inga’s trip to Lake In The Woods, Canada for some Muskie fishing.